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Immense importance for Austria

The Austrian Supply Industry with its clear focus on research, innovation and quality is an important and reliable partner for international car manufacturers and system suppliers. An export quota of around 90 per cent reflects the close international network within the industry.


Business Network

One of the central tasks of the Automotive Supply Industry Working Group is to promote the supply and collaboration capabilities of the Austrian Supplier Industry. We gladly offer you the service of our database as an overview of the diversity and expertise of our companies. You may filter by category or region but also search directly for specific components. If you have any further questions, please feel free to the office of the Automotive Supply Industry Working Group.

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Raising public awareness

The Automotive Supply Industry Working Group is the national branch representative of the approximately 900 companies in the automotive value-creation sector within the Federal Economic Chamber. In other words, the Working Group unites all the key players in the industry under one umbrella organisation.

Supply Industry

Tremendous importance for Austria as an industry site. The branch secures 193,000 jobs in future technologies.

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Export activity


Studies & Collaborations

The Automotive Supply Industry Working Group works with various institutes and research facilities at the national level in order to map developments and future trends within the industry.


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General enquiries
Phone: +43 (0)5 90 900 3482

Dietmar Schäfer

Chairman of the Automotive Supply Industry Working Group. Over 25 years of experience as CEO in the international supply industry.

Clemens Zinkl

Managing Director the Automotive Supply Industry Working Group, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

Phone: +43 5 90 900 3482