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The Automotive Supply Industry qualifies as key industry in Austria.

It generates added value, secures jobs and plays an important role as a driving force for other sectors. After all, the industry not only acts as supplier itself but also requires services from other companies. It is for this very reason that the Automotive Supply Industry is closely intertwined with other sectors of the economy.

Our brochures serve as summaries of our studies and are primarily intended for anyone interested in or starting out in the Automotive Supply Industry.

In cooperation with scientific research facilities and institutes, we regularly conduct comprehensive studies on the economic situation of the Austrian Automotive Supply Industry.

2023 Internationaler Vergleich von Standorten der Automobilwirtschaft Endbericht

2022 Internationaler Wettbewerb der Wirtschaftsstandorte in der Automotiven Zulieferindustrie

2021 Internationalisierung der Automotiven Zulieferiendustrie Österreich

2021 Automotiven Zulieferindustrie als Exporterfolg – Strategien für Post-COVID

2018 Internationaler Wettbewerb der Wirtschaftsstandorte in der Automotiven Zulieferindustrie

E-Mobility Report, Automotive Branchenreporte

Die Automotive Zulieferiendustrie Österreichs im internationalen Wettstreit

Position papers

Politics and
mobility change

The positioning of the Austrian Automotive Supply Industry is essential for this sector, especially in times of politically driven mobility change. Technology neutrality is a top priority for our Working Group in order to also guarantee the mobility needs of people in Europe in the future.

Euro 7 Federal Economic Chamber Position
Development of follow-up emission standards

Supply Chain Act Position
Political and legal framework conditions as well as business opportunities in the context of sustainability

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Technology neutrality is a top priority

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Dietmar Schäfer

Chairman Working Group Automotive Supply Industry

Herwig W. Schneider

Institute of Industrial Research