Change, transition and transformation

These three terms are what everyone is talking about in connection with the Automotive Supply Industry.

Experts expect the automotive industry to change more in the next five or ten years than in the previous fifty.

The drivers of this transition come from both inside and outside the industry: restructured manufacturing processes due to continuing digitalisation (Industry 4.0), accelerated internationalisation, electric mobility and autonomous driving, stricter CO2 regulations, and new forms of urban mobility are just a few examples.

The Working Group is committed to ensuring the competitiveness of the domestic Automotive Supply Industry and takes a stand for framework conditions that enable the production in Austria to be as efficient and competitive as possible.

Research – Technology – Innovation

The platform
between interfaces

The transition to sustainable mobility poses enormous challenges for many suppliers, with serious changes in value chains on the horizon. RTI – research, technology and innovation – plays a major role here. A platform serves as an interface between companies, research, and funding programmes.

Platform: Go to funding

Study collaborations

The backbone
of our organisation

As the Automotive Supply Industry Working Group, we always strive to provide the latest and best figures for the industry and to be prepared for new trends. The industry is confronted with the challenges of Covid-19, supply chain bottlenecks, and trade sanctions in the midst of the mobility transition.

For this reason, our numerous collaborations with scientific institutes and research facilities, universities and other industry representatives form the backbone of our organisation. Below you will find our current collaborations as well as the results of past projects and collaborations

Institute of industrial research (IWI) collaboration

The Institute of Industrial Research conducts the study series “International Competition Between Business Locations in the Automotive Supply Industry” every year. It serves as the central database for the Automotive Supply Industry in Austria. All surveys on this topic are found under Publications.

Study: Austrian automotive supply industry 2021 – export markets and current situation

The Institute of Industrial Research (IWI) conducts the study “Austrian Automotive Supply Industry – Export Markets and Current Situation” on behalf of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. The study was designed to promote and further focus the activities of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA in order to support exporting Austrian suppliers, especially in the current phase. Go to study.

Student support

Young people take us forward

The Automotive Supply Industry Working Group is particularly interested in supporting students. Among the major challenges of bachelor’s, diploma, master’s, and doctoral theses are often the lack of contact opportunities with established companies.

Our Business Network serves as a first point of contact to students and scholars. As we explicitly support scientific research, we offer the opportunity to publish surveys on our website. After all, it is these young people who will take our industry a step forward.

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